Juniors Wildlif Man Visit

Date: 12-07-2017
Time: All day
Location: Juniors
Organisors: Miss Hoyle

Visit to Upper School – Jules Howard, ‘Wildlife Man’ – 12th July 2017

As part of our science theme this half term on evolution, the children will be exploring how fossils provide evidence that living things have changed over time and how environmental change can affect how well an organism is suited to its environment. 

To support the children in their learning, on Wednesday 12th July Upper School will be visited by Jules Howard, the ‘Wildlife Man’. 

The ‘Evolution Revolution Workshop’ led by zoologist Jules Howard provides a hands-on opportunity to learn about evolution, what Charles Darwin discovered and how it has changed science forever. As well as investigating fossils and a range of mammal skeletons, the session also includes a question and answer session, allowing the children to ask a scientist questions about evolution.

Visits such as these are an opportunity for the children to gain valuable experiences but in order to cover the cost of the visit we ask you to make a voluntary contribution of £4.90 per child. This payment may be made online if you prefer. Please complete and return the attached form to indicate how you wish to pay your donation towards the visit. All monies are due in by Monday 3rd July.

Please note that whilst your contributions are voluntary, we have to rely on them to offer curriculum enrichment activities for the children and if insufficient contributions are received we may not be able to continue with our arrangements.  Thank you for your understanding. We know the children will have an exciting day and so thank you in advance for your support of this activity. 

Yours sincerely

Miss L.Hoyle

Upper School Team Leader