P.A.W.S. Happy School Bag collection

Date: 18-07-2017
Time: All Day
Location: Both Schools
Organisors: P.A.W.S.



Tuesday 4th July 2017

Dear Parents

We are delighted to announce that the school is holding a textile collection for the Happy School Bag Fundraising Scheme.

This scheme is designed to help schools to raise funds and to help the environment by diverting discarded but reusable textiles away from landfill. In the UK alone we consume and discard over 1.4 million tonnes of textiles a year which goes directly into landfill despite the fact that there is spare capacity in textile recycling plants. By taking part in this scheme you help to reduce this amount by giving textiles a new lease of life.

To take part you simply need to fill the Happy School bag with:

  • Clean clothing

  • Paired shoes

  • Accessories (hats, belts, handbags, etc…),

  • Soft toys

  • Bed linen (sheets and covers)

  • Toiletries

  • Perfume

    They do NOT accept:



  • Pillows or duvets

  • Toys

  • Dirty or damaged clothes


Remember that the more you fill up the bag the more the school can raise and you can also use additional bags if required.

This is a fantastic opportunity to raise eco-friendly awareness amongst children. Everyone can take part so spread the word and let’s get fundraising!

The Happy School Bag van will be collecting from our school on Wednesday 19th July . Please bring all your bags to the Federation Admin Office by Tuesday 18th July and help us have an amazing collection.

Many thanks for taking part!

Yours faithfully

Jeannette Meredith

P.A.W.S. Chairperson